"When asked what was best about the school, the first answer he received was 'the homework'." Tim Coulson, Regional Schools' Commissioner, January 2017

You will know by now that we changed our homework to reflect the views of our parents and children. Our homework encourages families to spend time together and learn from each other through talking and carrying out activities. Each class will still have spellings, reading and times tables to complete each week alongside the topic based work.

The feedback about the new homework so far has been very positive and the teachers have seen a big improvement in both the quality and quantity of work that is being handed in.

We would like to thank the families and parents for the help and support which they give to their children. Don't forget that if you have more than one child at this school we encourage them to complete their homework together, as a family, so that they can discuss ideas and work collaboratively with each other.

Please take a look below at some examples of homework which has been handed in by the children so far.

Penguin's showing off their Autumn Class Homework.

Look at some of the Penguins proudly showing off their homework on buildings!

Penguin class show off their maths and weather homework!

Dolphins show off their "Signs of Spring" homework

Penguin Harry Potter Homework

Otter's Harry Potter Homework!

Our children loved telling the rest of their class who their favourite authors are as part of their homework this week!

Favourite Author Homework

Some of Penguin class proudly showing off their homework!

Proud Penguins showing off their homework

The children have produced some very interesting homework all about the Emergency Services. Thank you to all of the grown ups who have helped them to understand what the Emergency Services are and when we might need them. A huge thank you also to Mr Cawdery, a Parent from Anthony Curton School, who came to both schools in his policeman's uniform and told them all about different aspects of his job - the children loved asking him questions!

Emergency Services Homework

Penguin Class have produced some lovely homework all about Christmas!

Penguin Christmas Homework

Otter Class Homework display

The children worked hard on their invention homework!

Invention Homework

The children in Penguin class loved sharing their thoughts about music with the rest of their class!

Music Homework

The children in Otter class have enjoyed sharing their homework all about "X Factor", once again we have seen how much work, enthusiasm and enjoyment has gone into the homework that has been produced!

X Factor Homework

For the first homework of the year we focused on "Goals". The children have loved sharing some of their personal goals with the rest of the class, and some of their hard work can be seen on display in the corridor. Thank you to again to all of the parents who have helped the children to think about what they might want to do in the future - whether it is a short or a long term goal.

Goals Homework

Some examples of our homework about the weather!

Weather Homework

Have a look below at some of our homework on "The Great Outdoors".

The Great Outdoors Homework

Have a look at some of our fantastic homework on the Olympics!

Olympic Homework

Dolphin Class produced some lovely homework all about the Queen and the Royal Family

Royal Family Homework

Some of the brilliant homework produced all about our Royal Family!

Royal Family Homework

Look at some of the homework that was produced about food! Thank you to our parents who are being so helpful and supportive!

Food Homework

Have a look at some of the music homework produced by Penguin Class!

Music Homework

We had a very successful Homework Cafe in the school hall recently. This gave all of our grown ups a chance to come and see some of the amazing things we have produced for homework. The children loved getting to talk to adults about the work they had been doing and showed real enthusiasm about everything they had produced. Thank you to all of the grown ups who came to look, it is lovely that the children are supported so much!

Homework Cafe

Below are some examples of Penguin's homework on "Games". Lots of time and effort went into creating these pieces - and were very fun to play with!

Games Homework

Below are some of the example from our "Patterns" homework.

Patterns Homework